Candy wishes to thank the following people for the input into our Family History data. Most of all I wish to thank our families for putting up with our pestering to bring together what to others may seem insignificant data. If I have missed anyone out I apologise. Family Name Acknowledgements: ADAMS - Clifford Adams, Violet Flynn , Col Grieve, Lea Harris, Joyce O'Farrell, Anne Ware, Dyonne Bell, Helen Bullen, Lynne Fenner. COX - Joyce O'Farrell, Jane Swales. EWEN - Mary Cubitt, Marion Power. GEORGE – Olive Adams, Cheryl Fielding. GREEN - Bruce Beauchamp, Ian and Jaqueline Green and Elizabeth Hawkins. HAWKINS - Dave and Anne Carter, Margaret Devonshire, William Hawkins, Osmund Hollington, Ralph and Muriel Kimber, David Radford, David Hawkins, Chris Grove, Chris Harris. HOLBERT - Ruth Holbert , Donald Holbert, Sue Holbert, Gail Robinson. KING – Brian King. LONG - Ruth Holbert, John Long, Karen Kenyon. McFARLANE - Elizabeth Hawkins and Margaret McFarlane. McKINNON – Ruth Holbert, Jan Betts, Bill and Col Bevan. MURDOCH - Ruth Holbert, Kathy Cody, Dilda Bridget Mullen Donovan, Malcolm Murdoch, Mary Anna Paquette, Jane Simpson, Walter Venn, Bruce Walker, George Shaw. NORRIS – Ruth Holbert. POLLOCK – David Pollock. SHERWOOD – Olive Adams, Jane Swales. SPONG(E) - Bruce Beauchamp, Graham Caldwell, Fred Spong. WEAKLEY - Debbie Chaplin and Ken Smith. WILLIAMSON – Violet Flynn, Clifford Adams, Vera Deacon. Other names with connections to the above that I am following are: Armstrong, Bentley, Blackman, Blanch, Butt, Cameron, Campbell, Gange, Hughes, Keel, McInnes, McKittrick, McPhee, Malley, Mewett, Mullen, Mungovan, Nichol(l)s, Philp, Richardson, Ross, Sheean, Stark, Stewart, Walker, Wright and many others.